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“We worked with Ramona individually and also as a couple for about 6 months. During this time we had extraordinary breakthroughs in all major areas of our lives. The best result was that we decided to get married and this was possible only in the space Ramona created for us as a coach. If there...

Andreea & Tiberiu Filip

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100 Goals in coaching

This is a detailed list of issues you can work on together with your Power Coach.

1.     I wish to develop a greater ability to think innovatively.
2.     Delegate more effectively so that I can have more time to work on what matters most.
3.     Lose weight without hurting my body, but making it stronger and healthier.
4.     Create a financial breakthrough in my life.
5.     Take more time for myself instead of living for others.
6.     Learn how to communicate so people respond immediately in a positive way.
7.     Feel better about myself.
8.     Reduce the amount of conflict in my life so I can relax.
9.     Learn how to ask powerful questions in any selling situation.
10.   Discover my unique skills and talents.
11.   Stop procrastinating.
12.   Make more time for my children.
13.   Identify every source of stress in my life and eliminate it.
14.   Design values-based goals in my life.
15.   Find a better way to motivate myself.
16.   Get control over how much I spend.
17.   Be able to network effectively.
18.   Close 5 new deals in the next 3 months.
19.   Create a database to expand my business.
20.   Speak the truth instead of what I think people want to hear.
21.   Increase my business turnover by 30% without any major investment.
22.   Become a better team leader.
23.   Eliminate negative people from my life.
24.   Create a health plan that includes exercise.
25.   Set clear boundaries so people start treating me with respect.
26.   Work 20% less without making less money.
27.   Become an optimistic person.
28.   Forgive someone.
29.   Ask for apologies from someone who is very difficult.
30.   Stop smoking in 2 months.
31.   Quit my job to work from home in one year.
32.   Bring romance back into my marriage in the next 3 months.
33.   Discover my Spiritual Life Purpose.
34.   Get married in one year.
35.   Say “no” 4 times this week.
36.   Be accountable for results.
37.   Increase my self-esteem.
38.   Become a lot more creative in what I do.
39.   Build my personal brand.
40.   Eliminate negative-self talk
41.   Learn how to speak in public.
42.   Improve my relationship with my wife/child/in-laws/parents.
43.   Improve my relationship with my boss/ my colleagues.
44.   Become a leader not just a manager.
45.   Increase the number of referrals I receive.
46.   Learn how to make requests that are accepted.
47.   Find a way to delegate my weaknesses so I can focus on my strengths.
48.   Learn how to actively listen.
49.   Develop marketing and sales materials for my business.
50.   Have my home clean and organized.
51.   Get the quality rest I need.
52.   Become aware of energy flows between myself and others.
53.   Deepen my relationship with God/ Higher Self.
54.   Learn how to collaborate instead of arguing.
55.   Breakthrough my sabotage patterns.
56.   Learn coaching skills that I can use with my family and customers.
57.   Discover the root causes of “stuckness” and break through them.
58.   Learn how to visualize and meditate.
59.   Free my mind of clutter.
60.   Attract my soul mate.
61.   Get a senior position in my company in the next 6 months..
62.   Cut budget/spending by 30%.
63.   Increase productivity of my team members with 30%.
64.   Create a meaningful and rewarding career.
65.   Eliminate 90% of office interruptions.
66.   Develop an annual goal-setting system.
67.   Find out how I can learn more easily.
68.   Learn how to prioritize.
69.   Increase my energy level.
70.   Work through a career change.
71.   Recover from burnout.
72.   Get over my fears and concerns in a specific area of my life.
73.   Manage time more effectively.
74.   Stop trying to control everything in my life.
75.   Get through a divorce powerfully.
76.   Develop a morning routine that I would love.
77.   Resolve whatever childhood damage, causing pain today.
78.   Always be 10 minutes earlier at meetings.
79.   Buy a car in the next 6 months.
80.   Eat healthy food.
81.   Learn how to paint/cook/dance.
82.   Create a system that allows me to finish every project two days before the deadline.
83.   Start writing in a journal.
84.   To get peace of mind.
85.   Become a result producer.
86.   Develop a win-win perspective.
87.   Learn how to make choices and be satisfied with them.
88.   Plan 2 extraordinary vacations this year.
89.   Start a new business.
90.   Learn how to make a business plan.
91.   Clean out the clutter in my closets, drawers and garage.
92.   Learn how to be successful in a down market.
93.   Learn online marketing and computer skills.
94.   Develop patience.
95.   Design a lifestyle that makes me happy.
96.   Learn how to set up a website.
97.   Get focused.
98.   Begin a financial independence plan.
99.   Take a trip to Europe.
100. Allow one day per month to do something I really like to do.