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“Already after the first session I knew I am dealing with a Master. Ramona is an incredible good listener and what I mean here is she listens beyond what one is saying. Her intuition is remarkable. I was being challenged in every single session we had as Ramona truly wants YOU to transform and ...

Anna Mrozik, Professional Life Coach

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The “God” in Coaching

Price: 28 euro + VAT

One of the best books in the coaching industry, a must read for every coach or anyone interested in human development.

"To me, 'The "God" in Coaching' is a bible for actualizing our human potential."- Dr. Will Tuttle, #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author

This book contains information about scientifically engineered coaching methodologies called Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® which assist us in maximizing our brainpower to tap into our highest creative centers and maximize the use of both the conscious and unconscious. The tools allow us to tap into our genius. 

Through mind, body, spirit mastery we can achieve inner peace and amazing results in our lives. By training our mind to think positively, we eliminate fear and judgment of self and others. Greed disappears and is replaced by compassion, care and respect for all beings. With healthy bodies we eat less, sleep less and use this extra energy to create a better world around us. With spiritual mastery, we connect with our higher self to raise our own consciousness and therefore act with greater wisdom for more effective and noble decision-making.

Using our highest wisdom, our Godself, we can put an end to sickness, unhappy workplaces, high divorce rates, drugs, starving children, natural disasters and the torturing and suffering of humans and animals alike.
Coaching enables us to change our planet into a heaven! With it we can create a happy, healthy, abundant and enlightened world where noble human beings live in peace and harmony.
Affectionately known by her Clients as The Guru Coach™, Betska K-Burr offers to magnify our corporate and personal life success with her award-winning coaching methodologies.

"With the rapid advancement of coaching, many new books about coaching have been published with the intention of helping coaches accelerate their coaching practices. But no expert before the publication of Betska K-Burr's book has assembled the variety of deeper levels or empirical, spiritual, psychological and bio-neurological foundations that will definitely enable coaches to transform themselves from being good to being great. This book with its clarity of definitions, brief, yet instructive cases studies, personal stories about changes in consciousness and their impact on coaching practice, ability to translate complex ideas into easy to understand coaching practices, engaging poetry and helpful charts, is one of the first to focus on how the laws of human development, the characteristics of contemporary society, and the evolution of consciousness all impact coaching outcomes.

The wide-ranging topics, all clearly necessary and neatly assembled into an integrated whole, even include a wonderful, and often ignored, section on how the seven stages of eating habits relate to coaching practice. The beginning chapters in this book provide a thorough and easily readable foundation for what is probably the most revolutionary and effective model of coaching to be developed in the last ten years, Betska K-Burr's Power Coaching ® with Mind-Kinetics®.

In the later chapters more details are provided to illustrate not only how this model works, but also through the use of coaching session deconstruction why the model works as well. This model, known as "PCMK", is truly unique, and I'm sure will serve as both a source of inspiration and as a beacon to light the path to coach effectiveness.

This is a great book. I loved the mix of personal into the realm of concepts and practices. Betska, the way you write in book is highly congruent with what you talk about in the book. You walk your talk! Your humor was noticed and appreciated!"

- Rey Carr Ph.D, CEO Peer Resources

Building a Boooooooming Business

Price: 36 euro + VAT

This book is a precious tool for any coach or entrepreneurs who want to stop struggling and build their business QUICKLY!

ENERGIZE YOUR BUSINESS! Earn a 6 figure income doing what you love!

7 successful Coaches combine over 150 years of business experience to share magical ways to build and maintain your business as a coach. You will develop a comprehensive Marketing Plan using our Miracle Marketing Process, learn Twelve Ways to build your product revenue, Mega Ways to Promote Your Business, discover your Life Purpose, your behavioral style as a business person, develop your company's Mission, Vision, Values and Goals, Set up your office, How to Care for the Coach and much more.


SuperExcellent Selling

Price: 20 euro + VAT 

A self-study program for Coaches, Speakers, Trainers & Consultants

In this unique workbook develop your "sales grabber", learn the six biggest selling mistakes, the Four Keys to Super Selling, the Five Steps to Superexcellent Selling, how to overcome objections and more.






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