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“Already after the first session I knew I am dealing with a Master. Ramona is an incredible good listener and what I mean here is she listens beyond what one is saying. Her intuition is remarkable. I was being challenged in every single session we had as Ramona truly wants YOU to transform and ...

Anna Mrozik, Professional Life Coach

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Maria Iris Hoeppe

Quick bio

  • Maria 's professional  experience consists in over 20 years in sales & management  and over 12 parallel years  of study, practice and research  in the field of personal development training and coaching.
  • She’s  a coach who can accompany you to obtain  results both  in personal and professional life. 
  • Maria has a large understanding of life, business’ world, people and cultures. Her life has a strong international dimension: traveling in 31 countries  ,living in 4 ,working with people of 20 nationalities and having  an  international family. Working so many years in sales and management ,knowing thousands of people and hundreds of business and handling now the most advanced  coaching methods(PCMK®)-all these makes from Maria an excellent coach for sales directors and their teams. Using PCMK®, people’s  main achievement  are : identifying fears and roadblocks that are stopping them to have success(then cross them ); create new permanent positive behaviors ; activate pentalateral thinking (genius thinking) ; learning a good method about how to self-coach themselves for the rest of their life. All these means: higher efficiency, better productivity, self-expression, better communication and increased abilities of team players.
  • You can work face-to-face sessions in Bucharest and Paris , individual and groups , as well as On line sessions .
  • Maria likes to read , to meditate, to have long walks in nature, to travel and to swim. She is vegetarian and she is having great respect for all animals and  human beings.
  • Maria's clients said that she is a wise, gifted  and dedicated Coach who'll serve you with excellence.

Coaching experience

Maria is coaching :

  • Sales people and teams 
  • Executives 
  • Board Management Teams 
  • Professional people looking to balance their family and professional life.
  • Women  having as clear goal to have a partner/family .
  • People in expatriation experiences .
  • People with body and beauty issues.
  • Entrepreneurs  growing their business.
  • Fashion designers.
  • People preoccupied by vegetarianism , health, and spiritual development .
  • People in carrier transition.
  • Women and men in their personal research for their life/period purpose.
  • People wanting to communicate better in their profession and their personal life .
  • Managers challenged by transitions and crisis.
  • Individuals and Groups having confronted with major traumas and wanting to create new visions, projects, life plans.
  • Children challenged by issues in adaptation, self-expression and  behavior.


  • Certified Power Coach  (Coaching and Leadership International - CLI)
  • Certified Group Power Coach  (Coaching and Leadership International - CLI)
  • Effective Coaching Skills for Managers (Euritma, Alain Cardon Method )
  • ZigZiglar : Managing skills operating on Ziglar System “Trust”. (ZigZiglar)
  • Monitoring, obtaining and presenting the results (Pluri Consultant)
  • Manage by choosing the success  (Pluri Consultant)
  • People and Teams Management  (Pluri Consultant)
  • The art of management (Pluri Consultant)
  • Evaluation of the Employees: access to better results . (Platon Courses)
  • Jim PANCERO,SUA, Sales managers course
  • Reiki and Karuna Master 
  • Communication  Course  : I+II   (Landmark Education )
  • Portfolio management : portfolio maintenance & new market conquest (Pluri Consultants)
  • Relationships Seminar( Landmark Educations ,Seminars)
  • Money Seminar ( Landmark Educations ,Seminars)
  • Sales manager tools : team coordination ,time management, recruitments  (Pluri Consultants)
  • Special sales skills ,sales in the high competition market (Pluri Consultants)
  • Advanced Course Landmark Forum 
  • Landmark Forum course and following seminars
  • Development of the negotiation abilities , special techniques (Pluri Consultants)
  • Bachelor’s Degree At University of Law, Bucharest

Language Skills

  • Romanian – Native Speaker.
  • English – Fluent
  • French - Colloquial 

Target groups

  • Sales people and sales teams, senior and middle  managers, boards of directors, executives, entrepreneurs, people living in the expatriation experience, professional women wanting to balance  their personal and professional life.

Contact Details

  • Tel: +40.726626988; +33.642083090
  • Web: 
  • Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.