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“Ramona’s coaching enabled me to enjoy harmony and love, to be at peace with myself and people around me. I learned I cannot expect from others that which I don’t give myself first. So I became the creator of my own life.”

Ioana Spirescu, Business Owner

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Oana Voda

Quick bio

  • I am 37 years old, mother of 2 fantastic boys (7 and almost 9 years old), I have come to Bucharest from Moldavia to go to college, I married for love and stayed married for 10 years, I have discovered the world by travelling. I successfully developed myself professionally by experimenting various jobs and positions in the field of human resources for almost 10 years.
  • ‘If you want to make God laugh, make a plan’ (proverb). The plan of my life fully changed once I gave consecutive birth to my children and a rapid divorce.
  • For 4 years I have combined the passion for personal development with the urge to understand human behavior and I undertook research in the culture of different countries via extended residence and travel in Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia), India, Middle East (Lebanon, Jordan, Syria), Central America (Mexico, Costa Rica), the USA (New York, Miami, Los Angeles). And yes, my toddlers joined me with all the challenges of a young age and the logistics of a joint custody across different continents.
  • I trained in coaching with an international school which approaches the human being holistically (mind, body and spirit) and in parallel I studies neuro linguistic programming (NLP) for a deeper understanding and a harmonious alignment of my thoughts, emotions and actions.
  • The methods and techniques I learned and I practice constantly shaped a new way of life in which I am the best version of myself everyday with all the challenges and apparent difficulties of life as we know it, both on a personal and professional level. ‘My mess becomes my message’, coaching is a profession that chose me. It is a passion, a hobby, the way I live my life on a daily basis. It is an ongoing learning process in which I share knowledge and experience with the people that are equally my clients and my mentors, with love and  joy.


Coaching Experience

  • Over 600 hours of personal development through psychoanalysis
  • Over 300 hours coaching experience
  • Expertise in Team-building (concept, logistics, delivery) in partnership with Go Travel (SunMedair Group)
  • Junior HR trainer for the Assessment and Development Center
  • Over 1000 hours experience personal development through various methods and techniques: Recognition and Direct experience of Being (Mooji, Portugal), Self realization (Ananda, Italy), Manifesting Change (Mike Dooley, Ireland), The Work (Byron Katie, USA), Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Bichis, Bucharest)




  • Certified Power Coach with Coaching and Leadership International Inc.
  • Certified Group Power Coach,Coaching and Leadership International Inc.
  • NLP Practitioner with Daniel Bichis (Competent Consulting, Bucharest), assistant to Richard Bandler, co founder NLP
  • Management and Marketing, Romanian American University, Bucharest
  • In training April – November 2014 Master Practitioner NLP with Daniel Bichis (Competent Consulting, Bucharest), trained by Richard Bandler, co founder NLP

Language Skills

  • Romanian – Native Speaker.
  • English – advanced

Target groups

  • Brave people who want to reclaim their right to be happy, fulfilled and loved in all areas of life: personally, socially, family and health, intellectual, carrier and financially: entrepreneurs, managers, media leaders, executives, government institutions, teen and teen agers, women, families.


Contact Details

  • Tel: 00 40 724 921 592/ 00 40 722 210 247
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Skype id: vodaoana
  • Web: