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"This training, business practices and methodologies are effective, client centered and follow the standards and ethical conduct as set out by ICF. The tools and resources are truly transformational, creating independence and strength in the client, giving them the tools to transform their own li...

Cathy McLellan, MA, CPC, Meyers Norris Penny, LLP

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Our Executive, Business and Life Coach Training and Certification Program is dedicated to:

·       Those who wish to have Coaching as their next vocation

·       CEO's, Presidents, HR Directors, Managers of people

·       Professional Speakers, Trainers & Consultants

·       Counselors & Therapists

·       Existing Executive, Business, Life, Career & Health Coaches who wish to advance their skill set with whole-brain coaching methodologies.


for new and experienced coaches when you study with CLI-Romania


1.         Our methodologies have won international awards: In 2010 at the World HRD Congress, Mrs.Betska K-Burr, the genius mind behind these coaching methodologies won the “Pride of HR Profession Award”. This award is like a Noble Prize in the human resources field.


2.         Both Life & Executive coach training: Our Coach Training and Certification is unique in the industry because PCMK™ methodologies are universal and used for whole life coaching. They are researched and designed to be effective with executives, teams, couples, families and children. Your study of the interconnection between mind, body and spirit will produce unparalleled results for your Clients.


3.         Pentalateral / Whole-Brain Coaching: PCMK™ can go far beyond straight logic coaching. The PCMK™ System assists your Clients in becoming whole brain thinkers (as encouraged by Stephen Covey) using their left and right hemispheres (IQ + EQ) and their conscious, subconscious and superconscious. Your Clients will learn how to 'think like an Einstein' and tap into their genius (image word streaming) for innovative solutions to problems, challenges and goals. No stone is left unturned. PCMK™, therefore, is an accelerated learning process.


4.         Accredited/Approved Programs: Our programs are accredited and/or approved by both ICF and IIC&M (the main bodies of accreditation in the industry)


5.         Build a Boooooooming Business: We provide the business building support you need in order to grow your business. As part of your registration, you will automatically receive a copy of the book "Build a Boooooooming Business". This book leads you to develop a superior Marketing and Business Plan. Business Mentors are also available to provide additional support in the development of this Plan.


6.         Earn Revenue Quickly: Experience a quick return on your investment! Within 20 hours of the start of your PCMK™ Coach training you will have 4 full session methodologies plus 6 PCMK™ Lasers at your fingertips ready for you to use with your first Clients.


7.         Keep Track of your ROI: To expedite Client results, Power Coaches invite their Clients to use a Coaching Journal in which they track the results from their formal coaching sessions and their daily self-coaching. In this way, the Client is truly accountable for their success by recording their progress and self-coaching to remove their conscious and unconscious roadblocks to success on a daily basis.


8.         Earn Money While You Sleep! We provide a variety of learning resources you can purchase at wholesale prices and sell at retail to add valuable profits to your bottom line. As Power Coaches you can buy learning resources such as Profiles, The Brain Walk, Noble Life™ Cardgames and Value-able Toolgames™ for Enlightened Leadership.


9.         Deliver Workshops Immediately: Right from the very beginning, you can purchase the Facilitator's Kit for The Brain Walk® and deliver workshops to all ages! Once again, this means more revenue and profits to your bottom line!


10.     Member's Network: CLI provides you with a license to use the processes, methodologies and tools that are studied with our company. Your license is based upon your level of training.

Contact us for additional information at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 004 0724 505 960.

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