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"As a result of my Executive Coaching experience: I now better engage my employees, I have the tools to resolve conflict, I am learning how to lead with my heart and be a whole brain leader and I am becoming more of a strategic thinker."

Toby Schneider, Executive Director, Alberta Gov.

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Terms and Conditions

The website is owned and administered by SC COACHING AND LEADERSHIP Ltd - hereinafter referred to as "CLI-Romania" which has the following identification data: CUI RO 17096558, Reg. Com: J40/102/2005. CLI-Romania is an authorized distributor in Romania for the canadian company Coaching and Leadership International Inc. The former name of the company was Wisdom Coaching. Address: Sg Maj Dumitru Samoila No. 1, bl 124, sector 4, Bucharest, Romania. E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We ask our clients to carefully read these Terms and Conditions which have been created in compliance with applicable law.

Navigation on the website followed by an online order implies that the Customer has read and understood the terms and conditions describes below. The customer undertakes to continuously monitor these terms and conditions as they may change or be updated. In case of disagreement or misunderstanding between CLI-Romania and the Customer, the terms and conditions available at the time of divergence and notification to CLI-Romania  shall apply. CLI-Romania  therefore reserves the right to modify these provisions and the structure / configuration of without notifying the Customer

1. Copyright

The content from the website - images, text, web graphics, scripts, - is wholly owned by CLI-Romania  and its Canadian partners Coaching and Leadership International Inc. and is protected by copyright protection law and the laws on intellectual and industrial property. Use without CLI-Romania  approval of any items listed above shall be punished according to law.
CLI-Romania can provide the user / client, the right to use some content from the site through an agreement. This agreement applies strictly to the content defined for a specified period of time and only for the person / persons who have been admitted to these contents without being able to access other content of the site Use of the content for purposes other than those mentioned in the written agreement is prohibited and punishable by law.

2.Privacy and personal data policy

Your personal data will be used by CLI-Romania and its suppliers exclusively for the purposes of this website, such as: online commerce, supply of goods and services. Information in the order form will be used to send you order confirmations, promotions, regular newsletters, etc personalized recommendations. CLI-Romania is registered in the Register for processing personal data under no. 0015338. CLI-Romania does not sell databases containing information on the personal data of its customers. According to Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, amended, and Law no. 506/2004 concerning the processing of personal data and privacy in the electronic communications sector, CLI-Romania is required to manage safely and only for specified purposes personal data supplied by the client, their family members or another person. 

The purpose of data collection is billing for online commerce and the provision of goods and services. Refusal to provide such data makes it impossible for fulfilling orders. The registered information is intended for use by the operator and shall not be communicated to any other recipient. According to Law no. 677/2001, the Customer shall enjoy the following rights:
a) the right of access to personal data
Any customer has the right conferred by the law, once a year to apply for and receive free confirmation that the data concerning him is not processed by CLI-Romania.

b) the right to change the data

Any customer can request in writing from CLI-Romania for free to correct, update, block the data processed in violation of applicable law, inaccurate data, misleading, incomplete and to transform such data processed in violation of their law into anonymous data

c) right not to be subject to individual decisions and to go to court

c) the right to oppose the processing of personal data and to officially ask the deletion of such data.

Any customer has the right (for good reasons) at any time to oppose the processing of its data. If the opposition is legal and justified CLI-Romania will cease processing the data.
Any customer has the right (without the obligation to pay and for no specified reason) to oppose for his data to be used and processed for direct marketing in the name or on behalf of CLI-Romania. The customer can also refuse for its data to be disclosed to third parties for direct marketing purposes.

To exercise any rights set out in a) - d) above, the client will submit a written request to CLI-Romania, signed and dated, requiring the information.
The requested communication can be sent to the Client’s address (which was mentioned when the website was used) or at an address specifically requested by the Customer (including by electronic mail) or by mailing service to ensure personal receipt of communication.

CLI-Romania shall provide this information within 15 days of receipt of the appropriate (written, signed and dated) demand.
The client is entitled by law to request and receive personal data deletion, and the right to modify its personal data, using the online form on the website.
Data will not be transferred to other states. If some of your personal data is incorrect, clients can send accurate information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If the client changes its personal data using the forms on the website and there are already pending orders, these orders retain the data when the order was placed and product delivery will be made taking into account the new data offered.

3. Limited access to website

We offer our customers limited access on for online shopping. No registered user nor any other person who is not in contractual relationship with us, is entitled to download or modify parts or all of the website, to fully or partially reproduce, to copy or to exploit it in any other manner, for commercial purposes or any other purposes which might affect CLI-Romania.

Visitors can access the site without giving any personal information. For proper operation, the site may set up cookies. By browsing the site, you accept the use of cookies (small files stored in your computer for storing customer preferences). may use temporary cookies and persistent cookies (which remain after you close your browser).They can be removed following proper instructions of your browser. These files are used for quality control, validation and storage of preferences and other configurations related to your browsing session. To create an account on the Client must use a valid email address. CLI-Romania may refuse the application request if false information was provided or inconsistent use of the website. Creating multiple accounts using such automatically generated addresses which expire after a predefined period to be eligible for promotions or offers, is prohibited and will be considered a fraud attempt. CLI-Romania reserves the right to suspend such accounts and withdraw the benefits of current promotions or offers. When a customer creates an account on he/she accepts to receive newsletters and alerts from CLI-Romania. Data collected on newsletters and alerts are confidential. CLI-Romania will be able to select customers to whom it will send newsletters and alerts.

4. Limited responsibility may use any trade names without being considered advertising for that company. CLI-Romania assumes no responsibility and can not be blamed for damages incurred by the use of information or products purchased through our online store. CLI-Romania constantly updates the website security and its means of communication, but does not guarantee that it can not have viruses. We do not guarantee that the information is accurate, complete or objective, so the customers should not rely on them for any purpose. Information may be reproduced for personal use. For information or data considered of general interest that might appear in the press, CLI-Romania must express prior written consent for publication.

Both in terms of products and services sold, CLI-Romania is not responsible for any damage (direct or indirect) to yourself or any other party relating to the use of this site and the information which it contains - by you or another person - or any other loss or damage caused by errors, omissions, defects, delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, line failures, viruses or any other similar factors.
Even if  we have taken all measures to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and correct, CLI-Romania can not be held responsible for inaccuracies which may occur in completing the forms on the site. Users are responsible for the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information provided on the forms available on this site.
Any links to other websites are provided solely for the purpose of improved accessibility of information, and the CLI-Romania does not assume any responsibility or liability for the content of these sites, the products or services advertised or sold through these websites.

5. The order

To order you just need to set the preferred order details. By clicking on checkout button the Client guarantees that all information provided is true and correct otherwise the client might suffer the consequences of these errors (delays in delivery or the order sent to a wrong address). By completing the order, the Customer agrees that an operator from CLI-Romania will contact him through any available means agreed to by the Parties (email / phone) for personal confirmation of the order.For your safety and comfort, you have the option to change your mind within 30 minutes after placing an order. Therefore, if you placed an order by mistake or you backtracked, you can cancel the order within 30 minutes after placing it. may refuse an order and so unilaterally terminate the agreement after prior notification to the client, with no obligations between the parties and without a party having the right to claim damages in the following situations:
- Failure/ invalid online transaction
- Incomplete or incorrect data from the Client
- Client’s activities may harm / CLI-Romania/ our partners.
- Consecutive failed deliveries.
- Other objective reasons

6. Complains regarding the products

CLI-Romania does not assume responsibility for the product descriptions presented. Therefore, the information used by CLI-Romania to describe the products / services available on (whether it is static or dynamic image, multimedia presentations, etc.), does not represent a contractual obligation from CLI-Romania, these images are presented for information only. CLI-Romania reserves the right to introduce on website banners / links to other sites as approved by law. Defective products will be changed when available in stocks. In the event that the price of the product or product features underwent some further changes after placing the order and the delivery was not made yet, our company has the obligation to inform the client about these changes as soon as possible, so the client might confirm or change the initial order. In the event that the Customer does not confirm the notified changes, he or she will be refunded with the amounts already paid (if the initial order was already paid) or the order will be canceled from the system. For any complaints regarding the condition of the goods delivered to the customer, he/she will notify our company within 24 hours of receiving them by phone or e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , so our company can then solve the complaint. The entire responsibility for defects discovered and their repair is the responsibility of CLI-Romania. If the products can not be delivered or their integrity is affected during delivery, the Customer may request to be refunded with the amounts already collected by CLI-Romania but with no additional compensation. The maximum amount of obligations for our company to any customer in case of failure or improper delivery of a package / product is the amount received from the customer for that order. 

7. Warranty

For products purchased from the online store we ensure a warranty for 10 days from the receipt of order. To qualify for the warranty, the buyer must meet the following requirements:
• the product has been purchased from our company and used solely for the purpose for which it was designed;
• keep the invoice of that purchase
• keep the original package and deliver them with the product.
Except as otherwise noted, the cost of transport is borne by the customer.
The warranty does not extend to any damage caused by using the product.

8. Final price and delivery

The final price paid by the Customer shall consist of product price + shipping costs and / or collection related costs. Delivery prices are detailed on the website.
Prices for products and services sold through the site are expressed in Euro and RON and do not include VAT at the rate of 24%. Exchange rate was set at 1 euro = 4.5 RON Delivery by courier. For overseas clients, the final price of the order will be sent by e-mail or phone and the package will be delivered after express acceptance of this price. For items in stock, delivery will be made by courier. Please take into account that there is an interval of 2-3 days between registration of the order and its takeover by courier. Any further delay will be communicated to the Customer and we will agree on this new delivery date.

We advise you not to accept delivery from courier if you see any damage to the product in the package: for example, the box is wet. These features may suggest that the product inside is damaged. Do not accept and do not pay the package if you find that someone had tried to open it, or if there are various adhesive tapes pasted over each other, or the package was opened.

9. Return policy

According to art. 7 paragraph.1 of OG 130/2000 on the legal regime of distance contracts and the Law. 51/2003, which approves the ordinance, "the consumer is entitled to cancel the distance contract within 10 days without penalty and without giving any reason. The only costs borne by the consumer is the direct cost of returning the goods" .
In case of any product return, the product must be in the same condition it was delivered to the customer, in original packaging with tags intact and with all documents accompanying it (invoices, etc..). Products returned must be in the same condition as received: flawless (except for hidden defects and defects already reported by the Customer to CLI-Romania)

The products which represent a set must be returned as a set.
Books should not have bent corners, spine damaged, stains on cover or pages.
If the package was opened, when it is returned it must contain, in the undamaged original packaging all of its components, otherwise the condition for a refund is not met. Packages are considered part of the product.
The Customer warrants that before sending the return to send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , containing:
- Date of dispatch of the package;
- Order number;
- Amount to be returned;
- Desired payment method (bank account details or through post office).
The cost of return falls under the law, to the Customer. For returns made during the 10 working days, the Customer receives the money for products returned within 30 days from receipt of the package by CLI-Romania.
For faster resolution of customer requests CLI-Romania accepts returns only through courier.

10. Conflict resolution

Any conflict between CLI-Romania and the customer will be resolved amicably. If this is not possible, Romanian legal provisions shall apply. The first way to solve the conflict will be through mediation, and if that fails we will turn to the competent Romanian officials from CLI-Romania office or in some cases provided by law, the court from the customer residence.

11. Interactivity

CLI-Romania establishes unilaterally the rules for promotions and competitions on Promotions are applied to orders that fully comply with the rules posted on the website, during the validity period clearly stated on the website and while stocks last. CLI-Romania does not guarantee availability of stocks for the entire period of the promotion and can withdraw the promotion without notice.
By disabling the newsletters or alerts, the customers do not disclaim the terms and conditions of

12. Force majeure

None of the contracting parties can be held liable for failure (total / partial) or delay in performance of its obligations if they were caused by force majeure. The Parties shall immediately announce in case of force majeure and shall take all measures necessary to limit the consequences of the event.
If within 15 days the force majeure does not stop, the parties have the right to cancel the contract without claiming damages.
Force majeure is proven according to law.

13. Fraud

CLI-Romania does not require from its clients by any means of communication (telephone / email etc) confidential information, bank account data, passwords etc. If the Customer discloses to third parties such information, he bears full responsibility for his actions. Thus, in cases of disclosure of such data, the client can not hold CLI-Romania liable for any injury. To avoid unpleasant situations and in attempt to minimize risk, the Customer shall immediately notify CLI-Romania of any such fraud attempts using the contact information in this mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , phone: 021 332 4515 or 0724 505 960
CLI-Romania does not promote spam. Any attempt of fraud or fraud (such as but not limited to accessing customer data, altering the site content, trying to demage CLI-Romania servers, communication of the delivery content to third parties etc.) will be punishable under criminal law.

14. Final clauses

If any of the above clauses will be found null and void, this shall not affect the validity of the other clauses. Along with buying and ordering, the customer unconditionally accepts the terms and conditions of use, their value being the same as a valid contract.

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