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“Already after the first session I knew I am dealing with a Master. Ramona is an incredible good listener and what I mean here is she listens beyond what one is saying. Her intuition is remarkable. I was being challenged in every single session we had as Ramona truly wants YOU to transform and ...

Anna Mrozik, Professional Life Coach

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Competitive Advantages

PCMK™, Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics®, is advanced Coaching. At the same time it is easily implemented by the novice or experienced Coach. It unites our greatest inherent abilities with safe, complete coaching tools for the ultimate benefit of our Clients.

Our Clients, our family, our coaches and our friends transform themselves into people with greater wisdom and faith in self and others. People with increased inner peace. Focused, disciplined, joyful and incredibly productive individuals and groups. Managers become more compassionate leaders capable of inspiring true greatness in themselves and others.

We have mastered the art and science of coaching for Executive Coach training, Business Coach training and Life Coach training. Our students learn to be Coaches who guide their clients to transform thought and create positive behaviors in any area of life.

Here are 7 important reasons why you should choose
CLI-Romania for your Coaching Certification:

1.      Accreditation from both IIC&mM and ICF
Our programs are accredited and/or approved by both IIC&M (International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring) and ICF (International Coaching Federation), the main bodies of accreditation in the industry.

2.      The Science of Mind-Kinetics®
Science has proven that habits and behaviors will only change if there is a physiological shift in the brain. Our Science of Mind-Kinetics (PCMK) never fails to create that shift. We guarantee it. This guarantee is a rare offering in the coaching and consulting world.

3.      Universal Whole-Life Tools
Power Coaches may specialize in executive coaching or team building or lifestyle coaching or finance coaching or other coaching niches. At the same time they can rest assured that using universal PCMK tools they are capable of coaching anyone, anywhere on any challenge or goal. This is a highly valuable service to our Clients.

4.      Permanent Positive Change
New positive belief systems anchored in the unconscious produce permanent positive change.

5.      Bilateral thinking ability (switching easily between left and right hemispheres)
Bilateral thinking can be extremely difficult for most people. During Life Coach training, Business Coach training and Coaching Certification you will learn PCMK tools that retrain the brain to think bilaterally thus creating more genius thinkers. And, we make it easy and fun!

6.      Greater IQ and EQ
PCMK tools move us gracefully into whole-brain thinking.

7.      Universal Laws
Universal Laws or Universal Truths are simply truths that give individuals permission to see the greatness within themselves and to achieve whatever they want to achieve.

Now that you are more familiar with your competitive advantages you can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
004 0724 505 960 for your registration. 

We also welcome your inquiries and will be delighted to provide you with additional information including details about the entire program and multiple possibilities for your coaching certification success as a trained Executive Coach, Business Coach or Life Coach.

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