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“Already after the first session I knew I am dealing with a Master. Ramona is an incredible good listener and what I mean here is she listens beyond what one is saying. Her intuition is remarkable. I was being challenged in every single session we had as Ramona truly wants YOU to transform and ...

Anna Mrozik, Professional Life Coach

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How to Live your Purpose

Listed below are 10 ways to reflect your Life Purpose.

1.      First identify it!

2.      Understand Universal Laws such as The Mirror Law and The Law of Service. Understanding these laws brings us into contact with our real selves.

3.      Be aware of how to integrate your spiritual purpose into your work.

4.      Move out of ego into positive self-power.

5.      Demand nothing less of yourself than greater understanding of who you really are inside.

6.      Open the door of your heart to see people as faultless 
One of your legacies to this world might be to bring out the best in others no matter what you do for a living.

7.      Meditate. Meditate. Meditate. Practice a safe method to bring out your highest wisdom.

8.      See yourself in the mirror every morning.
Do I like myself the way I am? What do I need to change? What can I celebrate?

9.      Become an open-hearted conversationalist. Have compassion for all those around you. Make it your goal to help them have a better day.

10.  Live the Law of Love. Transformation comes only when we:

a) Identify our unconstructive thoughts/actions.
b) Express our feelings about having these thoughts/actions.
c) Bring "love" (strength) to it.