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“If I look for a time in my life when I was truly inspired and lucky, that would be my meeting with Ramona Lacatus. Much of who I am today and what I managed to create in my life, which is fulfilling one of my dreams, that of developing a network of indoor advertising, is due to Ramona and her...

Eduard Petrescu, Managing Director – Invent Media

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Our programs

CLI-Romania offers you all inclusive corporate programs on the most important business topics. We call them CLI's Corporate Noble Life Series.


Leadership Mastery 
Leadership excellence is often challenged during a change in direction, change in policy or a change in corporate vision.
Automatically, these changes spark a need for leaders to shift into a higher level of thinking. And, this can be difficult for some folks. We make it easy and safe through a leadership and communication mastery program.

Team Success 
Our corporate team building program works because it gets to the root causes of a team's malfunctions. And it heals them. Forever. A great gift for your people.

The Wellness Quotient
Busy people need healthy bodies, minds and spirits to operate in the workplace at optimum levels.  In the Wellness Quotient program you will learn to take care of your body, to create healthy positive belief systems regarding your body, mind and spirit and anchor them in your subconscious.

Positive Thinking
Acknowledged by many as the world’s #1 Positive Thinking tool, The Brain Walk® is used by thousands of people every year to solve problems & achieve goals. In this Positive Thinking workshop you will learn how to use The Brain Walk® in all seven areas of life.

Creating Innovative Minds
This revolutionary program embraces the concept of how each of us is already a genius - we simply need to be shown how to find it!

Sales Excellence 
Armed with our award-winning proprietary tools to remove roadblocks they may encounter in their career, your Sales pros make incredible headway.

Time Mastery
Our Extraordinary Time Mastery Program wipes away insecurities and provides you with solutions so that:

  • You can focus 
  • You can prioritize 
  • You can tackle tough projects first 
  • You know how to get yourself out of mental jams

Preventing Complex Situations
Many organizations are throwing up their hands unable to properly solve problems like harassment, abuse in the work place etc. Give your People Managers and HR Teams some very profound tools to prevent complex situations. And, to heal the ones that are already in existence.


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