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“The Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics methodologies (PCMK) give me a sense of structure and clarity on a daily basis through self coaching whenever I have an issue or a challenge. I can easily articulate short and long term goals followed by realistic actions to achieve them. My relationships ...

Oana Voda, Associate Power Coach

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Corporate Programs

Choosing the right training, coaching and consulting company is an important task. You deserve to receive maximum results for your staff, your clients and for your own personal growth.

Before you make that hiring decision for potential training programs in the areas of:
Leadership, Team Building, Wellness, Positive Thinking,  Sales Excellence, Time Management, Innovative Thinking, and Preventing Complex Situations, we invite you to think about the following questions:

Does the training company guarantee 'Permanent Positive Change' for program participants? In other words, do the programs guarantee that you and your people will experience change of unconstructive behaviors, habits and actions into permanent positive ones?

Does the training company offer the means to measure the success of your desired training programs?

Has the training company researched and developed tools that go way beyond theory and provide step-by-step instructions on how to master the skill set of dramatically improving performance in the workplace?

Does the training company assist you and your people in becoming a 'Genius Thinker' - someone who can think like an Einstein or da Vinci every day?

Does the training company offer you a variety of tools to successfully deal with universal challenges -tools designed to remove roadblocks to technical business issues such as time management and tools which can prevent complex situations such as harassment and overt control.


Customized tools

CLI-Romania is an authorized distributor of Coaching and Leadership International (CLI). CLI is a Research and Development company specializing in the development of performance enhancement tools in the following categories:

1.      Performance Review Toolkit: We can provide you with a customized Performance Review Toolkit which includes:

  a. A Performance Review process which measures competency in both technical business skills as well as people skills.

  b. Performance enhancement tools which each Manager can use to assist their employees in achieving the performance goals they articulated in their annual Review.

2.      Performance Profiles: Perhaps you require a specialized profile which measures how well your employees demonstrate your corporate values. Or, perhaps you require a specialized profile which measures leadership competency excellence of technical business competencies.

3.      Specialized Performance Enhancement Tools: In your industry, you may wish to develop a specific tool which your people can use every day to prevent shipping mistakes or manufacturing errors. Or, perhaps you are a Coach of an Olympic Team and you wish to remove specific unconstructive patterns that are preventing your athletes from winning Olympic gold.

Speak to us about your challenges. Under every rock there is an opportunity for success.
Together we can move that rock to uncover your opportunities for success.

Or you can contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 004 0724 505 960 for more information.