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“Ramona’s coaching enabled me to enjoy harmony and love, to be at peace with myself and people around me. I learned I cannot expect from others that which I don’t give myself first. So I became the creator of my own life.”

Ioana Spirescu, Business Owner

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Return on investment (ROI)

Our guarantee:

"We believe in the greatness of all human beings. We guarantee that every person going through our Corporate Noble Life Series will experience permanent positive change." 

Using our proprietary and extraordinary thinking tools and through a highly interactive process, each individual experiences the power of tapping into their own genius for new ideas, action steps and confidence to carry out their goals.

We guarantee that all individuals who participate in our programming will experience permanent positive change in the form of specific action and clearer direction with respect to any individual challenge or goal upon which they choose to focus. The guarantee is valid if the individual fully participates in specific aspects of the program.

We will reimburse the cost of the work for the individual minus a 10% charge (to cover admin and cost of materials) in the unlikely event that the individual does not experience the results as indicated in our full guarantee.

At proposal stage, we will include a copy of our full guarantee.

As the Leader of your organization chances are you will want to know how we can measure this success. We offer you at least 8 different ways to determine your return on investment including Self-Evaluations, DiSC® Profiles, Surveys and so on.

During the initial discussion stage, we will present all the different options to you. You can choose specific measurement tools which work for you and they will be implemented into the process.

It is always an exciting moment when participants review their progress over the course of the program.

Why Choose CLI-Romania

Every organization we know of would like to have the benefits mentioned in each of the blue boxes below. We could all benefit from more genius thinking, stronger IQ and EQ, elimination of blame and tools to dramatically improve performance just to name a few.

No organization is perfect. We all need to continually work at being the best we can be. And when we think we are perfect, we need to look again. We can always be better.

Our programs are unique because:

1.      We have the secret or "The missing piece" to maximizing human performance. This missing piece is our Science of Mind-Kinetics®. It is this science which brings results with great speed and efficiency.

2.     CLI-Romania is the only coach training company that can offer in Europe the profound results listed below. For example, to stop blame in the workplace is a difficult task. We make it easier because the tools and concepts taught to the individuals and groups get to the root cause of our blame and literally assist us in 'changing our minds' or shifting our paradigms from negative to positive.

3.      CLI-Romania Guarantee "We guarantee that every person going through our Corporate Noble Life Series will experience permanent positive change." The blue boxes outline the kind of changes you can expect.



For more information on our Corporate Programs you can contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
004 0724 505 960.