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“If I look for a time in my life when I was truly inspired and lucky, that would be my meeting with Ramona Lacatus. Much of who I am today and what I managed to create in my life, which is fulfilling one of my dreams, that of developing a network of indoor advertising, is due to Ramona and her...

Eduard Petrescu, Managing Director – Invent Media

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S1: Life Purpose

The best way to kick off your career transition is by discovering your Life Purpose.
By internalizing our key contribution to the planet, we can begin to manifest the position best for us. In this way, we will feel as if we are truly doing meaningful work.

Click on 'Life Purpose' section under Free Coaching Tools.

Once you have completed this exercise, remember to go to S2 of The Career Transition System to ensure you have a Portfolio which best represents you as a person of great value.