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“Ramona’s coaching enabled me to enjoy harmony and love, to be at peace with myself and people around me. I learned I cannot expect from others that which I don’t give myself first. So I became the creator of my own life.”

Ioana Spirescu, Business Owner

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S2: Intelectual Journey

Armed with solid knowledge of your Life Purpose, you may now choose to work on the intellectual portion of career change.

In this segment you will be creating your Portfolio - a set of documents that truly shows your full value to prospective employers.

The Portfolio

There are many schools of thought on what could be included in a portfolio. It would be in your best interests to ask the prospective employer what they would like to see from you. Some employers simply want a cover letter and resume - too much information could turn them off.

We believe that the following elements are important to consider:

1. The Cover Letter.

2. An excellent Resume.

3. Summary of Skills learned and knowledge gained over one's work history and life history. Use the information from this Segment entitled 'Skills Learned and Knowledge Gained on the Job' and Segment Four 'Life Review' which articulates the obstacles overcome in all 7 Areas of Life". These two segments give very valuable and wholistic insight into you as a person

4. Letters of reference.

5. Samples of work: i.e. written projects, poetry, innovative ideas and tools, etc.


Other career search tools:

Some folks have had great success with the creation and distribution of business cards upon which they print their job search objectives and relevant info. Creating Rack Cards may also be a possibility.

Both the business cards and rack cards can easily be handed out at networking meetings, church functions, and committee meetings - virtually anywhere where people meet.

Let's begin the creation of your Portfolio by reviewing The Cover Letter since its placement is usually first in the Portfolio and then continue with the Resume and Summary of Skills