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"This training, business practices and methodologies are effective, client centered and follow the standards and ethical conduct as set out by ICF. The tools and resources are truly transformational, creating independence and strength in the client, giving them the tools to transform their own li...

Cathy McLellan, MA, CPC, Meyers Norris Penny, LLP

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S5: Summary & Final Clarity

If you have come this far, you will have:

1.      Discovered your Life Purpose

2.      Created an awesome Portfolio which includes The Cover Letter, Resume, Skills Learned, Life Review and so on.

3.      Worked with a Power Coach® to discover your Period Purpose, address emotions and eliminate specific roadblocks to attracting a meaningful job.

Now it is time to pull it all together. To complete The Career Transition System, you may wish to contact a Power Coach® to bring it all together with you. Your Power Coach® will assist you in detecting any fine fears that still seem to be lurking. Or, they may be able to assist you in achieving final clarity on the direction of your job search.

This Final Clarity Session is meant to take a look at your work so far and address any pieces that may still be missing. You may even shift the focus of your job search from this session and/or re-write your resume. Don't miss this valuable session(s). It may be the icing on the cake that you need in order to find that all important "right" job.