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“As an emerging Alberta Public Service Leader, I am very pleased to say that during my Executive Coaching program I have put a learning and development plan in place and as a result of my coaching achievements, I am now more confident as a leader, I have the strategies, tools and approaches to ...

Alisa Neuman, Senior Manager, Alberta Government

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5. The “God” in Coaching

5. The “God” in Coaching
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- Please contact us for info and price for the English edition One of the best books in the coaching industry, a must read for every coach or anyone interested in human development. "To me, 'The "God" in Coaching' is a bible for actualizing our human potential."- Dr. Will Tuttle, #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author This book contains information about scientifically engineered coaching methodologies called Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® which assist us in maximizing our brainpower to tap into our highest creative centers and maximize the use of both the conscious and unconscious. The tools allow us to tap into our genius.
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