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“Ramona’s coaching enabled me to enjoy harmony and love, to be at peace with myself and people around me. I learned I cannot expect from others that which I don’t give myself first. So I became the creator of my own life.”

Ioana Spirescu, Business Owner

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Summary Accelerator Intake Form

Accelerating the coaching results you wish to receive.



This form can be completed with or without having completed other profiles such as Happiness in 7 Areas of Life. The Summary Accelerator Intake Form is a summary of all completed profiles and assists you to prioritize the most important challenges and goals in your life. It also asks you to reflect on human values. The main function of this form is to provide you and your certified Power Coach® with a foundation upon which to begin your personal Power Coaching® sessions.

Keep all profiles handy during your coaching sessions and during any corporate training programs with us. You may wish to go back to certain ones to pull out information.



Chances are if your organization has contracted with Wisdom Coaching for training, consulting and coaching services, you have been invited to complete many profiles including:

  1. Happiness in 7 Areas of Life.
  2. DiSC® Classic - a self-measurement of your behavior in your job.
  3. Values-Based Profile - a self-measurement of how well you demonstrate human values in the workplace.
  4. Business Management Profile - a self-measurement of how well you perform technical business competencies such as planning, time management and so on.

The completion of these profiles is meant to provide you with a holistic view of your life. When completing this Summary Accelerator Intake Form, review the results from all of the profiles listed above as well as your Annual Performance Review, 360 degree assessment and so on.

Keep all forms handy during your coaching sessions as you may wish to go back to certain forms and pull out information.