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“As an emerging Alberta Public Service Leader, I am very pleased to say that during my Executive Coaching program I have put a learning and development plan in place and as a result of my coaching achievements, I am now more confident as a leader, I have the strategies, tools and approaches to ...

Alisa Neuman, Senior Manager, Alberta Government

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Happiness in 7 Areas of Life

No doubt most of you will probably say that balancing our personal and professional lives has to be one of our most difficult challenges today.

Some of us have had to learn the hard way by working so hard that our physical bodies break down.

CI-Romania rejoices when we can assist our clients in finding that place where we "feel" healthy emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

In order to do that, this self- assessment tool looks at the following areas of your life:

1.      Social

2.      Health & Wellness

3.      Family

4.      Intellectual

5.      Spiritual

6.      Financial

7.      Career

This exercise will, no doubt, bring up all kinds of thoughts and feelings in you.

It is meant to do so.

Because we live such busy lives, we tend to bury issues that should be addressed in order to bring greater balance to ourselves.

Use this valuable tool to explore the wholeness of your life.

You will be asked to celebrate the areas of your life where you are very balanced.

Next, you will be asked to compile a short list of the areas of your life where you would like to see a healthier you.

Power Coaching® will assist you by bringing you the clarity you need to achieve a good balance in all areas of your life.

This exercise may take you approximately one hour to complete.